Actistatin® Equine 2.05 lb (928.4 g) Equine Powder

  • Clinically Proven to:
      • Triple Hyaluronan (HA) Production & Quality – (Count, Viscosity & Volume)
      • Double Delivery of Glu/Chon to the Joint
      • Reduce AAEP Lameness Scores
    (American Assn. of Equine Practitioners)
    • Improve ROM (range of motion) & Flexion Scores
  • Fight Inflammation & Free Radicals
  • Support Joint & Bone

90 Day Supply


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Actistatin® Equine is the newest formula of GLC available. This triple-patented and clinically proven joint support formula more than triples HA production, increases flexion and range of motion scores, while reducing the need and frequency of joint injections. Actistatin® Equine has the highest absorption rates of any oral joint supplement available today at 63%. In short, this means more of the key nutrients essential for joint support is getting to where it is most beneficial- TO THE JOINT!

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Increased Hyaluronan
Reduced Pain Scores
Best Absorption